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The Classical Organ Centre is known as the Content Organ Representative, Importer, Distributor, Broker and Dealer for classical organs. Our specialty is from a study organ to customized organ installations which meet the specifications and requirements of our clients with the option of a façade pipe front. The Content Organ is an organ which plays digitally recorded real organ pipes. 

Content Organs, a leader in digital manufactured organs produces a high quality built organ for homes, churches, or any other type of occasion.

Content Organs are a very well performing instrument with the same characteristics as the real pipe organ at significantly lower prices.

Contact the Classical Organ Centre, your home and church organ specialist for complete details. Serving Canada and the USA since 1992.

Content Organs known for:

  • The 'Cadillac' of Digital Organs
  • 'Invention Technology', the Incomparable Organ
  • Independent Voicing and Characters
  • Four Independent Dispositions
  • Reliability and Durability
  • High Performance Levels
  • High Quality Built (European) Organ
  • High Quality Workmanship
  • Options and Features
  • High Quality Tracker Touch Key Boards
  • User friendly Personal Control Centre
  • Intonations Easily Customizable & Programmable
  • Four Independent Dispositions in One Console
  • Pipe Organ Voices
  • Pipe Organ Characteristics
  • Convolution Type Reverb
  • Surround sound
  • Virtual Player Position
  • Historical temperament
  • Wind drawer selectable
  • Flexible wind supply
  • Custom Build Organ to Specifications
  • Stylish and Elegant Consoles
  • Integrity
  • 100% satisfaction aim
  • Professional Advice
  • Excellent Service
  • Customer Support
  • Factory Warranties

We are offering special pricing and factory incentives on all in-stock organs.

Introducing new technology at special introductory pricing. All organs are brand new and feature 'Invention Technology', pipe organ sound and the same characteristics and acoustics as the real pipe organ. Please contact us for our special offers and complete details. 


The Content Cantate Crown 354 Draw Stops Church Edition has been launched. 

The new 24 channel technology is proving the very best in performance ratings. 


Content Home and Church Organ Edition, the organ known for its versatility, stability and excellent performance ratings.

Click here to download the product PDF! 

CONTENT Concerto Crown Church Organ Series 576 (Drawknob Console)


CONTENT Concerto Crown Church Organ Series 476 (Drawknob Console)


CONTENT Cantate Crown Church Organ Series 346 - 354 (Classic)



CONTENT Cantate Crown Church Organ Series 346 - 354 (Contemporary)


Content Mondri 576


Content Mondri Classic 341


Content Mondri Classic 231


Content Custom Organs


Content Custom Organs


Content Chapel 236 Church Organ (Customization available)



Content Cantate 346, Professional Church and Home Series with Rolltop


Content Cantate 346, Professional Church and Home Series without Rolltop

Content Cantate 246, Professional Church and Home Series with Rolltop 


Content Cantate 240, Professional Church and Home Series with Rolltop


Content Celeste 340, Intermediate Church and Home Series with Rolltop and without Rolltop


Content Mondri 236, Intermediate Church and Home Series. Drawknop Console


Content Celeste 236, Intermediate Church and Home Series with Rolltop


Content Celeste 236, Intermediate Church and Home Series without Rolltop



Content Classical 230, Intermediate Church and Home Series without Rolltop 


Content Clavis 224, Home Series with Rolltop


Content Clavis 224, Home Series without Rolltop


Content Clavis 125, Home Series


New Technology, Better Performance and factory incentives for a limited time.

  • Brand new 'Invention Technology' digital sampled computer organs
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 Manual organs 
  • 24, 25, 36, 40, 46, 54, 66 and 76 Voices per organ (Custom available)
  • Pipe Organ Voices
  • 4 Independent dispositions in one organ (Classic, Romantic, Baroque and Symphonic)
  • Pull Tabs, Draw Stops and Rocker Tab consoles
  • Consoles with or without roll tops
  • Wooden roll tops and lock
  • Standard stylish console and Custom built consoles
  • Standard medium dark and light French Oak or custom color
  • Home, study or church organ
  • Standard Parallel pedal board, Radial Concave pedal board and AGO pedal boards
  • Standard external speaker system or a custom built speaker system built to size and specifications
  • PCC (Personal Control Centre)
  • Programmable presets
  • Memory banks 10 x 45 (x 4, for each organ)
  • Expanded memory system optional
  • Foot pistons optional
  • General Crescendo (programmable)
  • Tracker touch keyboards
  • Wooden tracker touch keyboards available
  • 8 Church and Cathedral Acoustical programs
  • Convolution type reverb system
  • Extra Voice odule standard on larger model organs (112 Instrumental voices)
  • Velocity sensitive keyboards for extra voice module
  • Over 50 Historic Temperaments
  • Virtual player position
  • Transposer
  • Cantus Firmus
  • Wind drawer selectable
  • Flexible wind supply
  • Automatic pedal
  • And much much more
  • Full warranty packages
  • New organs starting at only $ 4995.00


Hybrid Organs.

We are also offering complete Hybrid Organs. If you have an existing pipe organ and it is not adequate, we now expand the existing pipe organ with a digital sampled Content Organ. The expansion can be custom built to meet the request(s) and requirement(s) of our customers.

Contact us for complete details.


All content contained herein is subject to change without notice. All rights reserved. 

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