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New technology at introductary prices.
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 Content Organ, the organ built in style and excellent in performance.
 Content Organ, the Sound of Perfection.
 Content Organ, the Musician's choice.
 One demo Church Organs left at excellent price.
 Enjoy the church organ sound right in your home.
 Experience the Content Organs and be content with Content.
 Classical Organ Centre: your one stop shop for home, study and church organ.

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Classical Organ Centre

712891 Middletown Line
Norwich, Ontario, Canada
Office: 001-519-879-9779
Fax: 001-519-879-9779

Purchase a Used Organ

  • Because we only have a small number of used organs available, we offer special discounted prices on all brand new Content Organs.
  • Large number of brand new Content Organs in stock.
  • Brand new Content Organs starting as low as $ 4995.00  


New shipment | Great selection | Excellent prices 

  • New arrivals
  • Newest technology
  • All organs contain four individual organs in one console
  • The organ known for its quality, style and performance
  • Visit us for a demo or play the organs for yourself
  • Contact us for complete details 



CLAVIS 224, BRAND NEW and starting at only $ 9995.00 

CLASSICAL 230, BRAND NEW and starting at only $ 10695.00 

  • Classical 230, brand new design (for Classical Organ Centre only)
  • 2 Full Keyboards
  • Tracker Touch Keyboard 
  • 30 note Pedal Boards (Radial Concave is optional)
  • Clavis 224: 4 x 24 Pipe Organ Voices
  • Classical 230: 4 x 30 Pipe Organ Voices
  • 4 Independent Specifications of Stops
  • Baroque, Classic, Romantic & Symphonic Organs
  • Programmable Presets (per organ)
  • VPP (Virtual Player Position)
  • 2 Expression Pedals
  • Automatic Pedal
  • Transposer
  • Head Phone Jack
  • PCC (Personal Control Centre)
  • Over 30 Historical Tunings
  • Flexible Winds Supply
  • The perfect organ for Study, Home or Small Church
  • Excellent Performance
  • High Quality Instrument
  • High Quality Console
  • Built on Quality and Durability 
  • Full Warranties
  • Wooden Roll Top with Lock (optional at $ 850.00)
  • Radial Concave Pedal Board (optional at $ 850.00)
  • Prices F.O.B. Norwich Ontario 



  • Great versatile organ with an excellent performance rating
  • 4 x 46 Pipe (Church) Organ Voices
  • 3 Manual Organ
  • 32 Radial Concave Pedal Board
  • 8 Channel Internal Speaker System
  • 20 Internal Speakers
  • 10 x 45 Presets per Organ (programmable)
  • General Crescendo (programmable)
  • Super Octave, Super Octave & Unison Off
  • 12 Brass Toe Pistons
  • 4 Brass Expression Pedals
  • Wood core with Acrylic lay-over Keyboards
  • New 'Invention Technology' digital sampled computer organ
  • 4 Individual Dispositions in one console
    • Baroque, Romantic, Symphonic and Classic dispositions.
  • 8 Church and Cathedral Acoustical Programs
  • Convolution Type Reverb
  • 53 Temperaments
  • Extra Voice Module (112 Instrumental Voices)
    • Velocity Sensitive Keyboards
  • PCC (Personal Control Centre) 
  • Virtual Player Position
  • Chiff Control 
  • Wind-drawer Selectable
  • Flexible Wind Supply
  • Medium Dark Oak
  • Full Warranty
  • Contact us for special pricing.
  • Ontario and Alberta location


CONTENT D-2600 CHURCH ORGAN (Former Demo Church Organ)

  • Do you need to replace you recurrent church organ and have a low budget? This organ is the answer.
  • 2 Full manuals
  • 30 note European Parallel pedal Board
  • Large External Speaker System
  • Big sound
  • Lots of depth
  • Digital Computer organ
  • Personal Control Centre
  • Light French Oak
  • 2 Expression Pedals (Swell and Great)
  • Unenclosed Pedal division
  • Transposer
  • Voice Control
  • Chiff control per voice
  • Air attack control per voice
  • Chorus Control per voice
  • Programmable Presets (6 banks)
  • Programmable Functions: Reverb Time, Pitch, Manual Inversion, Wind Pressure, Fluctuation, Tremulant Speed and Depth, Dynamic Contour and Chiff
  • Great for church or chapel
  • All this for only $ 15995.00 (Sold new for $ 40000.00)



Niemeyer Baby Grand Piano [5.1]

  • Beautiful baby grand piano
  • Quality built and high performing piano (Concert level)
  • Slightly used
  • Very nice and romantic sound
  • This piano must be seen and heard to appreciate the high quality sound
  • Adjustable bench
  • Delivery can be discussed
  • Selling for only $ 7995.00
  • Contact us for complete details


All used organs are F.O.B. Norwich, Ontario.


Please contact us for information on our used organ inventory at (519) 879-9779 or email us at

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